Right now, I’m keeping my calorie intake higher so that I can adjust it accordingly as I lose more weight.

I am a little under 147 right now and managing a 1.5 – 2.2 pound average weight loss each week.

My goals are to aim for 500-900 calories a day. I am hoping to lose a consistent 2 pounds minimum each week. This will help me reach the 110s by the end of June/early July. But if I don’t manage a solid 2 each week, my maximum weight I’d be is 128.

I’m doing fine so far and will continue to do so.

My goals are:

140  – BMI of 24 = “healthy”
135 – celebrate making it into the 130s
128 – celebrate making it into the 120s
118 – celebrate making it into the teens
104 – BMI <18 “underweight/small” = ultimate goal

So far, my BMI = 25.2 which is really disgusting. They say a BMI of 24.9 is healthy which means I’m like 1-2 pounds away from “healthy” but that’s BS. I say 24 is “healthy” but still super fat. I look like a whale and want to be tiny and fragile.